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Take Me EP

By Alessio Collesano
Release date: 2021-08-06


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Alessio Collesano

Alessio Collesano is a musical Artist, Deejay and Italian Record Producer.
His real name was used only after the first phase of his career, where he was best known as “Mr. Hide” and a member of the musical duo “Jakyll & Hide”. Passionate and in love for House and Electronics Music, he begins to perform very young in Sicily and along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.
He perfects his mixing technique and the selection of tracks, conquering and attracting more and more the DanceFloor of the various Clubs.
In a short time his live DJ sets are extended in all the largest cities of Southern Italy, where he meets and plays with the biggest artists of that period.
His friendship and artistic collaboration with one of the most experienced in the industry, as well as pioneers of the House Music “Sergio Matina“, who invited him to perform at the biggest of Electronic Music Festival (Eg: “Insomnia“, “Come Together”, “Stardust”, etc …).
He moved to Milan and in 2016 produced his first EP “Kona” for Keepers of Melody Prd. & TendenziA Records at Division of V.O.T.U. Production LLC.